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Terry Anderson and Friends. L-R is Nicholas and Susan with Double Image Studios in Richmond, VA. They have taken incredible images with me for Amtrak, Virginia is for Lovers, Wintergreen Resort and the Congressional Blues Festival. Standing next to them is Tony with Leros. Next is me. Smiling. Loving life. Then there is Karen, an accountant. Why did I go through all of that to say hello? Friends and associates mean the world to me. Without them my life wouldn’t be as much fun as it is. Nor as rewarding.

So, take a minute and review my portfolio. Maybe you’ll have a bit of a laugh, as I did posting these. And, remember, I am a freelance designer. Lots of opportunities await, and hopefully you and your firm will get in touch with me:

My rates are surprisingly affordable and I am available most days… and nights. I am looking forward to meeting you, and maybe, just maybe, you will find your picture posted here!!!!

Green Earth Data.

This piece was produced recently: IN ONE WEEK! I designed it (well WordPress Theme [sh-h-h-h]) and my friend, Paul Mederos with, did a fantastic job with the back end. The client got in touch with us on Tuesday and it was launched the following weekend with NO CHANGES. That has never happened, and probably never will again. Brochures, banners, and other collateral material were also produced.

Congressional Blues Festival. Nice retouching, compositing, etc. This was the first year I also designed their website. The HOME Page is shown. The image of MUDCAT rolled to the left and others followed. Really like the textured blue tones, which I shot in the 90’s for another client, but was never used. Converted the tones to blue and BAM, had a nice tone for the website. Ryan Costello offered me the chance to work on this project, and, eight years later we are still on it. His company, or as he prefers to call it: The “Serial Entrepreneurs”, have given me lots of opportunities, and continues to blow me away with his skills, talents and straight-up abilities. Thanks bro. And, as a mutual acquaintance used to tell me, and I warned Ryan: WHAT ELSE CAN I GET? lol Check him out at

This is a brochure I designed a couple of years ago. The main reason for showing this is my friend Elizabeth Webster was working for MEKKI Development and they had a new project. That WAS IT!!! No language, no pics, no name, etc. So, the reasoning is simple: If you are uncertain as to what you need, get in touch! I can take it from nothing to something like this.

Tourism has always been one of my favorite categories. This campaign for the Virginia Tourism Corp. was produced a few years ago with many accolades. It won an EFFIE Award and the Travel Industry of America’s highest award, in addition to several DC area ADDY awards. Well, a man’s gotta brag sometimes!!! I still like this campaign, alot.

Okay, more music!!! This is the 2nd Annual Congressional Blues Festival marketing piece. Just the cover. It shows how nasty the logo was before my friend, Ryan Costello (Volta Live) allowed me to change it to the current Capitol shaped piece which is still alive today. I really like the image enhancement work, even after several years. 

I helped the Music Maker Relief Foundation with their New Orleans Music Fund. A bit dated, but still a nice piece. I produced the MMRF logo in the late 90’s and we produced the award-winning Winston Blues Revival Tour with Taj Mahal as the headliner. 32 cities. Big tobacco did some really good stuff for a bunch of old, indigent blues artists. And, our client received a W.C. Handy Award from the Blues Foundation. Maybe I will post some of the work I did for that campaign!

Washington National Opera

I had alot of fun working on this brochure. Lots of retouching. There seems to be a theme going with a lot of my posts: MUSIC. I love the blues and, well, working on Opera and Blues at the same time was very rewarding.

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